Nothing is better than realizing it’s lunch time.
Nothing sucks more than realizing you forgot your wallet.

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  1. Do you remember me saying to you this morning just before you left the house, “Do you have your wallet, keys, everything you need?” And you said, “Yes.” What happened?

  2. I assumed my wallet was in my purse, but it’s actually sitting on the corner of the piano – where I put it when bringing out money for the poker game on Saturday (I didn’t take my purse to church, so no need to confirm it was in there yesterday). Oh well. I managed to find $4 in my checkbook and I had a $5 in my car ashtray, so I was able to buy some lunch (although I didn’t need to because a meeting was cancelled and there was TONS of food in the kitchen when I walked in there).

  3. That’s funny about the food from the meeting. I saw the wallet there this morning as I was running around the house and I was wondering if you were going to remember to take it with you. LOL

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