Are You Kidding Me?

I’m working on 4 hours sleep right now. Why? Because CootieGirl woke up at midnight last night and was ready for her brand new day. Her boisterous playing started to wake CootieBoy, so I took her upstairs to another bedroom and laid in bed while she played and kept me up. She (we) finally passed out around 4 a.m. and woke up at 8 a.m. (she not we).

My folks, sister, husband and children have just left for church and I stayed behind so that I could get a nap in because the rest of our day is busy. My pal KJ is coming over today to see the kids and catch up (I haven’t seen her in AGES) and then after that we’re heading over to Gladys’ house so that she and her parents can see the kids as well. Chances are we won’t be home until 9 p.m. or so, and I need sleep NOW.

In other news, now that the Christmas gift-giving is over I was able to go online to Barnes & Noble and Amazon and use my two gift certificates from my bosses to clear out my Amazon Wishlist. I love doing that every year. Gets the new year started with a clean slate. The only items still on there now are a TV that I dream about but could never afford and a second baby monitor that we’re considering getting when CootieBoy goes into his crib when we get back to NJ. I’ve emailed the baby monitor company to see if I can just buy an extra camera as opposed to the whole kit and caboodle since we only need an extra camera, not an extra monitor. We’ll see.

This year the gifts I received for Christmas completely blew me away. In particular, the generosity of Denis’ brother and my parents brought tears to me eyes – their gifts to Denis and me were out of this world and I’m so thankful. I also got things that I had been hoping for (LOTR: ROTR EE) and others unexpected (a new chandelier for our dining room – much appreciated since ours is straight out of the 1970s). In two short weeks CootieGirl has managed to officially double the amount of toys she owns. Which means we’ve lost twice as much space in our household for her toys. I think we’re going to have to turn our sunroom into a playroom. That means moving some things around and putting some things away, but it can be done. That’s our project for 2005, I suppose.

And now I’m hitting the hay – my eyes are at half-mast and the bed is calling.

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  1. KJ ~ sorry I couldn’t wake up to come down and see you on Sunday. I was down for the afternoon. Hope you have a very blessed New Year!

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