Apparently I’m the Go-To Jay London Girl

So apparently the rabid Jay London fans from “Last Comic Standing” have found Cootiehog and have claimed he’s the BEST COMIC EVER because his comedy is merely to say a punch of puns in a row and all but beg for applause.

I agree you have to be smart to create a pun. But I also know that when you hear a pun in real life – in your office, at your dentist, or from your father – that you generally groan (silently or outloud) and say to yourself, “How cheesy.” Don’t deny it. We ALL do it.

So why is Jay London called brilliant and so popular? Because he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I’ve never said otherwise. I truly and absolutely think he is a sweet-natured guy who likes doing his brand of schtick in dark clubs and bars. And I have no problem with that whatsoever.

But I DO have a problem when a tv show to find the best comic turns into a popularity contest because there’s an oddball-but-lovable guy who happens to know how to make up puns. That’s not comedy gold, people.

Who is funny from Last Comic Standing? Dan Naturman was – you know, the one that got robbed and was not let into the house? Kathy Madigan is hilarious, even though you haven’t seen much of that in recent episodes because no one would challenge her (which is smart, because she’s a vet who KNOWS how to do comedy). And yes, Gary Gulman is funny. Despite the good looks.

See, does anyone remember how Seinfeld got to be so famous as a comedian? It’s because he has a way of telling us something that we ALREADY KNOW but making a funny observation about it. By making it relatable to us, we can laugh because WE’VE BEEN THERE. That’s comedy gold – relating to your audience and making them laugh about the mundane everyday things in life.

That’s why Bonnie got the boot. That’s why Corey got the boot. And that’s why Tammy, Kathy, Jon and Gary are still in it. Jay, however, should not be in it.

As someone mentioned on a thread from one of my other posts, if you think Jay is funny, then by all means go visit his website, give him your support and enjoy. But you won’t find any cheers if he moves forward in the next few rounds. I didn’t vote for the wild card show because I was confident in who America would choose, but I sure as heck am going to vote in the next elimination rounds. Because obviously America doesn’t know what they are doing.

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  1. I missed the winner of the wildcard since I switched over to Kerry’s speech. Are you telling me that Jay London won the wildcard? Really?

    I don’t think he’s funny…at all.

  2. You are so right. Jay is funny but not the funniest. Even Ant was funnier (but annoying). I didn’t vote but will in the next two rounds. Nice or not, Jay London must not win. I’m partial to John Heffron.

  3. I completely disagree with all of you about Jay London. I think his brand of comedy is hilarious. He can always make me laugh. I think his jokes or “puns” as you call them are very well-thought out. I completely and totally support him and I hope that he is the Last Comic Standing. Instead of trying to cut people down, why not find something nice to say?

  4. I was just scrolling down and realized that this whole site is Jaynee complaining about all these shows. What is the point? Maybe you could change this site and say something nice about things for a change instead of bringing the whole thing down with this negative attitude. If these shows are so bad, why watch them?

  5. Nina, if a girl can’t complain on her own site about something, what’s the point?

    Seriously, I’m a HUGE fan of reality tv – I will watch almost anything. However, I have no problem stating my opinions. For instance: I LOVE Gary Gulman and Kathleen Madigan. How is that a negative?

    For instance: I love The Amazing Race and think it’s the best reality tv show out there. How is that negative? What, just cuz I hate Mirna and her own negativity?

    Every reality tv show is geared so that you have “characters” that you LOVE or those you HATE. Otherwise it wouldn’t be good television (read: interesting). If you had read the post thoroughly you’d see that I have nothing PERSONAL against Jay – he seems like a genuinely nice guy (I can’t even count how many times I’ve said that on this blog). However, his COMEDY ROUTINES are not funny. They are hackneyed and annoying.

    You have to be able to discern between my condemning of a PERSON or of an ACTION. I don’t recall ever insulting Jay as a PERSON. Just his act.

  6. You said that this has turned out to be a popularity contest. Some of the funniest people out there are not in the comedy business because they do not have a good stage presence. Jay has his own stage presence uniquely different from any other comedian I’ve seen. It’s fresh and it works for him. Since this is a contest called Last Comic Standing where America is voting for the person they like best, it IS a popularity contest. I agree that Gary Gulman and Todd Glass are funny, however this is the same comedy we’ve been seeing for the last ten years, it’s time for a new face.

  7. But Rocky/Nina: Jay London’s comedy is not “fresh” comedy – it’s Borscht Belt at best and there’s a REASON no one does Borscht Belt anymore – it’s dated and not that funny. It’s not a contest for who they like best, it’s for who is FUNNIEST. I defy you to listen to the acts and listen only to the AUDIENCE REACTION as opposed to the jokes themselves. If you play back last night’s final six, you’ll find that Jon Heffron had the MOST laughs and the LOUDEST laughs, followed by Tammy Pescatelli. The people with the least guffaws? Jay London and Kathleen Madigan. I think KM had a bad night because she sounded sick, and no one really “knows” her since she didn’t do a routine in earlier episode. Only those who follow comedians (like me) know who she is, which could be her downfall.

  8. Thank god for you, Jaynee. I was starting to believe there was no sane person on this earth when Jay won the wild card. The most I’ve ever laughed at him was when I first saw him, because that’s where he was his best. But the jokes he used then (Bath and Beyond, evolutionary chart, the hair) quickly became tired because he uses these jokes relentlessly, not realizing that they are not funny at all anymore(not that they were extremely funny to begin with.) How in the world can he carry a 30 minute special on Comedy Central with these old, rehashed jokes? And the whole thing where he tries to repeat/apologize for jokes is gut-wrenching. This is not comic genius. There are many one-liner comics out there who easily surpass Jay in hilarity (Mitch Hedburg, Steven Wright).

    Sidenote: I also like Kathleen. She is by far the funniest comic that entered the house. My main concern is, no one decided to challenge her, which was the worst thing possible to have happened to her. She probably fell off the radar until last Tuesday (the Heinz joke was priceless), and it could cost her.

    Here’s to KM making it to the last three, and then winning it. =)

  9. First of all, there are different kinds of humor andnot evry joke has to produce a big belly laugh so Jay London is funny. Personally, I htink Alonzo has been consistently funnier than the rest and thank god! Ant is gone. There’s no such thing as a new gay joke.

  10. Clearly you are nothing but a hoochie who adores Gary Gulman. I must agree that Dan Naturman was hilarious and should have been in the house. I do not however, agree that Jay London is a bad comedian in any sense.
    Jay comes out with a unique style of quick-witted remarks that constantly keep the crowd attentive and laughing – whether it be at his jokes or his whole persona, it does not matter because he is still funny. Sure, he comes out with a unique style of comedy unheard of by many, but isn’t that what makes him great? Peter Line did not become the best snowboarder in the world by copying other’s styles. Nor did Micheal Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky, in the same sense.
    I feel that Gary Gulman rambles on too much about one subject that i do not find humorous, (the jokes about oreos were just painful) and he tends to lose my attention in the middle of his performance. He will not win Last Comic Standing.
    John Heffron is energetic, quick witted and has a great style that we can all relate to. His energy keeps the crowd attentive and laughing due to the fact that many of his jokes can relate to many lives. However, he will not win Last Comic Standing.
    There is no better way to put this. Alonzo Bodden is just the heaviest hitter when it comes to throwing punch lines. He combines energetic puns with a story line which makes him look like a cross between Jay London, John Heffron and Gary Gulman. For this, Alonzo Bodden will be the next Last Comic Standing.

  11. Mitch, I guess you didn’t bother reading my post from August 5 in which I state that I’m routing for Heffron to win the whole thing.

    A Gulman “hoochie” I am not. I do think he’s funny though.

    And to claim that Jay London is unique is laughable – EVERY critic of him states the same thing: He’s a comic of the old school variety. The kind that played in the Borscht Belt back in the 1940s and 50s. Talk about played out and NOT original…

  12. All I know I know is that I thank God for people who can make me laugh. Jay London caught my eye, and I listened, and I laughed. Thank God for Jay London. And thank you, Jay.

  13. Jay London is a comedian with brains– this is why these jokes go right over your head. If your seeing this Jay —-I’m just a regular guy, I go every day.I know this will be just up your street! YOU my boy are a pleasure to watch & laugh with, keep up the good jokes. Mary (NO, I’m NOT his mother.

  14. Jay London—-Did the doctor slap his mother when he was born? He’s so ugly he’s cute–WeeeLL he’s not pretty & he’s not ugly he’s pretty-ugly!The best comedian to come along in a long while.

  15. I don’t know, Ben – to say that is his #1 site might be exaggerating a bit. That website doesn’t have much to offer by way of appearance and real information. Especially when people can just go to and see a really professional looking site.

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