Apparently, He’s “Over It”

Denis informed me last night that the thrill is gone – he probably won’t be doing much at Cootiehog anymore except the occasional comment. No restaurant reviews, no “hot five link” updates, no movie views. Are you sad?

Since Denis and I don’t get out much, I’ll probably take down the restaurant reviews, but maybe in it’s place I’ll put up a recipe o’the week. I’ll probably take down his hot five links, his (now old) movie views and his “What he’s not reading now” joke. But I’ll leave Random Groucho so he can enjoy that when he passes through.

But from now on instead of posting “Jaynee Says” in each entry title, I’ll just put the title – no need to say who it is, since it’s going to be me. Maybe I’ll whip up some new Cootiehog design to bring in the new era.

So all you who call it a husband/wife blog can’t do that anymore. He doesn’t want to play anymore.

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  1. Just to set the record straight, this is all Jane’s imagination. I seriously think that baby Cootie is effecting her mental capabilities.

    Here’s the reality of it.

    Jane: “Update your restaurant reviews.”

    Denis: “I don’t feel like it.”

    Jane: “Then I’m taking it down.”

    Denis: “Fine with me.”

    Jane: “I’m redesigning the site.”

    Denis: “No problem. It’s pretty much your site anyway.”

    Jane: “I’m taking down your restaurant reviews, your hot five, what you’re not reading, and your movie reviews since you pretty much don’t update anything.”

    Denis: “That’s okay with me.”

    Jane: “I’m leaving up random Groucho so you can look at that.”

    Denis: “You can take that down too. I was just fooling around with some script.”

    Jane: “I’m going to use the right hand space to put all my stuff there.”

    Denis: (Doesn’t say anything.) “You know Cootiehog has pretty much been your site from the beginning.”

    Jane: (Doesn’t say anything. Starts nodding off on the bus.)

    I don’t see where I said I’d be lessening my contribution to the site. 90% of the site has been about Jane and it will continue to be about Jane, so this misinformation about me dropping out is nonsense, but that’s baby Cootie zapping brain cells, I think.

  2. OH MY WORD. Denis, I cannot BELIEVE that you are lying AGAIN. *lol* You TOLD me that you didn’t really want to be involved at Cootiehog anymore. You TOLD me that.


    Jane: “Update your restaurant reviews.”

    Denis: “I don’t feel like it.”

    Jane: “Then I’m taking it down.”

    Denis: “Fine with me.”

    Is a total lie! *lol*

  3. You’ve painted a picture where I came to you and said, I want out of Cootiehog. Let’s put the question this way, who came to who and kicked me off of Cootiehog? *lol*

    I agree that when you told me you were taking all my stuff off I didn’t put up any fight and said “I don’t really have the time to do much on Cootiehog.” But I didn’t initiate my departure from Cootie. I think it’s all in the POV. I’m not worried if you’re not. Hope your headache has gone away.

  4. I’m not worried about it, but just don’t make it seem as though I approached you about not doing Cootiehog anymore when you wouldn’t update your restaurant reviews.

    But as you can see, the dictator in me has already struck – beginning by removing some of your non-updated stuff. I’ll keep the restaurant reviews though.

  5. The way you two interact on this site makes the visit worthwhile! I hope you both continue to post on cootiehog, because it would look just plain silly to read “I’m here to make the pigs itch!”.

    (love the new colors, btw)

  6. jhames,

    This is like being in the room with them! As witness to other similar “discussions,” I can attest to the fact that they are just like this. Amazing, huh? You’ve gotten a nice insider view of the Cootihog marriage…

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