Anybody Got a Boat Around Here?

So before Easter weekend I was averaging a water intake of about about 100 fl oz a day. Then after Easter I went back to about 20 fl oz a day – tops. Today begins the new water regimen – I’ve had about 40 fl oz so far and it’s amazing how many times I have to go to the bathroom. This afternoon I bought a 1.58 quart bottle of Evian water and make it my mission to drink one of those a day while I’m at work. I’ll break it open tomorrow.

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  1. I am trying to finish 24oz as we speak…and listening to my “Who Would Have Guessed ‘Frank Perdue’?” CD…I just love FLICKERSTICK!!

  2. So far this morning I’ve had about 30 fl oz. I’ll finish the other 20 fl oz at lunch and will refill my bottle for the afternoon.

    And aw….you still listen to that CD? I need to make you a new one with some newer stuff on it.

  3. i think i see jane racing past my desk again, to the bathroom, again ! whats this jane ? the 76th time today ?!! *lol* !

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