Antonio Banderas – New Fake Boyfriend

Last night I was watching Revealed with Jules Asner on E! and it was a two-hour interview with Antonio Banderas. At the end of the show I decided to make him an all time fake boyfriend.

Not because he’s acting is so great (although it is), and not because he’s so damn sexy (trust me, he is). It’s because he was so friggin’ nice and sweet and sincere during his interview. I have heard from other people who have interviewed him that he couldn’t be more charming and friendly. That’s a turn on. I honestly think that he may be the type of person that, upon meeting you on the street, would be happy to talk with you (but only if he didn’t have someplace he needed to be just then – in which case he may cut it short). But in cutting it short he’d be so apologetic and nice about it that you would offer to drive him whereever he needed to go.

What’s hilarious is that I’m staunchly anti-beard. I don’t mind goatees (such as my husband’s), but I can’t stand men with full beards. But Antonio makes me rethink that a bit because he’s one of the few men that looks GREAT with a beard.

So, the current top three all-timers have some competition now. I’m sure they are trembling where they stand.

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  1. he is a cutie, right?! why he got mixed up with that flaky ditz is beyond me. i think you two would look great together, hehee 😉

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