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Well, tomorrow morning I leave for North Carolina by way of my parents’ place and my grandmother’s. I’ll be picking up Jen in NoVA and continuing on down to my grandmother’s place in SoVA, then on Saturday we’ll drive down to NC for my college homecoming. I’ll be taking CootieGirl with me, which could be either really really fun or really really nervewracking. She worships the sight of Denis and I don’t know how she’ll be without him nearby to make her laugh (only he can make her laugh hysterically).

Also, tomorrow morning bright and earlier the floor guys will arrive to redo our hardwood floors in the living room and dining room. Last night Denis and I moved part of our stuff into other rooms in the house, and tonight Ace helped us move the larger pieces into the sunroom and garage. It now feels like we’re just moving into the house because the two main rooms of the floor level of our house are EMPTY.

As for sickness, I’m feeling much better – my cold is now just a mildly stuffed up nose and an occasional sneeze. And I think CootieGirl is feeling slightly better as well (she wasn’t coughing as much this evening). Denis, however, feels he’s getting worse. So it’s a good thing we won’t be around this weekend to get re-infected!

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  1. Actually, a slight correction. I actually feel like I’m slightly better. Still sick. Throat still hurts, not as much, but I don’t feel as miserable as I did yesterday. Hopefully, I’ll get some rest tonight. I made Jaynee get up to take care of CootieGirl at one point during the night, but I was up several times to settle her and to let CootieGirl out. The usual. I’ll miss CootieGirl (and Jaynee) but not getting up five times during the middle of the night.

    And CootieGirl did not have her usual coughing spell that she had been having. Maybe the humidifier helped too.

  2. I must say that Denis has adjusted beautifully (and quite naturally) to being a father. All this talk of humidifers, the gorgeous pictures you take, and hearing that it will be difficult for CootieGirl to be away from her daddy…makes me want to cry!

  3. Thanks, Lori. Why don’t you put John Henry to the test? Get busy! I already miss CootieGirl (and Jaynee). But, they’ll be home before I know it.

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