Another Round Done

Well, last night’s second round of semi-finalists on American Idol 2 was a tough one. I originally picked Kimberly Locke as, well, a lock for one spot. However, the fact that she sang the SAME SONG for the third time really turned me off. Sure, she did a great job, but how about showing me what you can do with a different song? I’m surprised Simon didn’t say as much during his critique. After his generally half positive, half negative critique, I think Kimberly also went a bit far in her criticism of Simon. I tended to agree with most of what he said and (for the first time) didn’t think he deserved her light-hearted yet insulting response.

My other spot was filled with Clay Aiken and Candace Coleman. Clay did a great job, but from what I saw of Ruben’s performance, Clay was blown out of the water. Candace did a great job with her song – I think she’ll definitely get a wildcard spot. Another performance that surprised me was Hadas. Despite overdoing the Karen Carpenteresque throaty phrasing, she sang quite well.

So I think America will vote for Ruben in a landslide. The second spot may go to Kimberly, although you never know – Clay, Candace or Hadas could take that spot away from her. If it ends up being Ruben and Kimberly for sure, then Candace and Clay probably have the wild card spots for this round.

That’s my $0.02.

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  1. I agree with your assessment. I thought Simon was correct in all of his criticism. Yes, I’m a fan of his, but his comments were right on with each singer. Even Randy was with him on most of it.

    I’m not too impressed with this crop so far. Ruben will advance, I don’t know who will get the 2nd spot tonight.

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