Another Reason

I was always told by Jane that dogs should not eat chocolate because it could kill them. Well, I’ve discoverd another reason. They throw it up. I just came upstairs to our computer to check e-mails and sure enough, downstairs, Cooper had opened my leather knap-sack, nosed his way into a plastic bag and tore open a package of sno-caps that I bought today to take with me to the movies this weekend. I know Cooper loves the smell of chocolate and that must have been what attracted him. He’s fine. I gave him an ice cub to wash the nastiness down and put him back in his crate. And I was worried about him chewing through another pillow. *lol*

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  1. When I was growing up we had a cocker spaniel. My mom gave my dad a huge thing of the small Reeser’s peanut butter cups for Christmas one year – or she was going to before the dog sniffed it out under the tree and finished it one evening while we were out to dinner. I don’t know why, but peanut butter does some nasty things to a dogs digestive tract.

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