Another Reason Why I Love My Company

For all the weirdness at my company, it’s also pretty funny and easy-going. Case in point – the following email was received just now from one of the head cheeses at the company with a link to an article on appropriate summer office attire (he’s also the numbercruncher mentioned in the last post). He obviously knows his staff very well:

“At this company we all benefit from a relaxed, but professional culture … But sometimes, especially in the summer, it leads to attire that is too relaxed and not very professional. Please read the attachment–it provides some simple reminders of what not to wear.

As I am expecting this message to generate many sarcastic comments, I am prepared. $10 out of my own pocket to the one I deem most clever. ”

The brain trust around here is feverish right now to figure out the wittiest reply. I’ll fill you in on any good ones that get sent out.

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  1. Sounds like my office. I still need to post about my airgun and the target outside my office door – given to me by the ops supervisor.

    Work is supposed to be fun, people!

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