Another Reason To Love Facebook

When I was in college I spent my summers working at Immigration. The summer between my junior and senior year was the best summer of them all because I met Cathi-Sad. That was merely her nickname (I’m big in giving people nicknames). She called me Jane-Quon. It was a VERY fun summer with her – she went to Radford in Virginia while I was at Gardner-Webb in North Carolina. She was a big party girl, I was somewhat tame in comparison.

By early summer I turned 21 (and spent the evening hanging out with her and having a GREAT time although that evening permanently turned me off ever drinking Southern Comfort again). That next semester when I got back to school I made sure about halfway through the semester to drive to Radford for a fun weekend with Cathi-Sad. I went to some big frat party (she was a little sister to the frat) and had a blast with her friends.

That summer I found out a guy I had gone out with once had also asked out one of my best friends and I got all melodramatic and sent him a scathing letter at her insistence. I now regret sending that letter, although I am fortunate to still be friends with him today after finding him online years later and apologizing profusely for my misplaced anger. After all – we literally went out ONCE. As in ONE TIME. Who was I to be upset that he then asked someone else out? *lol* What can I say – I was young, an idiot, and Cathi-Sad wanted to revenge my honor through my letter.

So today, on a total whim, I looked her up. The initial search came up empty, as it has over the years when I’ve thought about her. But then I realized I have been misspelling her name all this time, so I tried again. When her name popped up AND showed she lived in DC – I knew I had found my Cathi-Sad. I promptly emailed her through Facebook to ask her if she was indeed my Cathi-Sad and within 2 minutes she wrote back and and said she was indeed that woman!

How great is that? I LOVE Facebook.

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  1. Girl, I am so glad you found me!! I enjoyed our summer that year and so glad we became such great friends. Sorry we lost touch for so many years but so glad we are back in touch again. xoxo

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