Another Good Day

Church was awesome this morning. Not only was the music great but I really enjoyed the message as well. I love our church.

Then we came home and CootieBoy and I had some quiet time while Denis took CootieGirl to get the newspapers. At some point we loaded up the kids in the cars and took a drive over to York. One of the women on my mommies forum was giving away a small patio set for free, and since I want a patio set but refuse to buy one, it was the perfect opportunity. It’s a really cute set – it’s more like a cafe style with higher chairs and table top. It’s old – it has rust on it – but will clean up quite nicely. All we need to get is an umbrella, which I should be able to get for a pretty low price.

We then drove over to another part of York to pick up a portable DVD case that another forum mommy was getting rid of. It will be perfect on the Disney trip this Saturday – it’s the kind that allows the DVD player to hang between the front seats as opposed to having to sit on the cooler (which is what we normally do).

Then we came home and made milkshakes (the kids wanted to go out to Baskin Robbins but I convinced them that homemade is always better). Now the kids are playing and generally causing trouble until it’s time to put them to bed.

Six days ’til Disney!

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