Another Fabulous Vacation

Okay, so I’ve taken steps to begin planning for our 10th anniversary vacation in April 2007. I’ve told Denis that the 10th year trip has to be a doozy, and so I’ve called our timeshare folks and put in the following searches:

Greece :pray:
Italy (Rome/Venice specifically)
Capri (off Italy’s coast)
Prague, Czech. Rep.
Vienna, Austria
Victoria, BC Canada (my last choice since it seems very “local” compared to the others)

I may call back and add Malta to that list – I’ve read a lot of good reviews at the RCI Community website.

So now I just wait for a property at any of those locations to have a spot open up during my specified timeframe in mid-April 2007.

I just had a thought. But then it corrected itself. I was thinking about the whole pregnancy issue. I had a brief moment where I thought that I might be pregnant in April 2007 based on our current thinking. But in fact, were I to get pregnant (I continue to waffle between yes NOW please and absolutely not ever :scared:), it would be in March/April 2006 with a birthdate in November/December 2006 – meaning a new bambino would be about 4-5 months old when we go on the trip.

That’s mainly a heads-up for my mom and sis, who undoubtedly would be tasked with coming to NJ to take care of the kiddies (CootieGirl, who would be 4, CootieBoy, who would be 3, and the new 5mo addition). 😀

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  1. Do you remember a time on this web site when people used to write things instead of just clicking buttons and letting silly little yellow icons do the talking for them? Oh, how far the mighty have fallen.

  2. I love that Mom and I both had the same response and yet conveyed it with completely different smileys. Fantastic! :beerchug:

  3. With our wacko senses of humor, the smilies convey so well. You can just hear the intonation behind the words and pictures.:wink:

  4. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer writing’s as opposed to those movable-smiley-thingy-bobs, which I (PERSONALLY SPEAKING)find annoying …. *sorry*

    But, great news on addition # 3 … we might just be pregnant together *lol*!!! How great would THAT be?!!!!

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