Another Construction Update

Well, we had hoped we’d have flooring down by this weekend, but it was not to be. It can’t all be perfectly timed, can it? But it’s still moving right along! Yesterday the crew was here working on plastering and getting the walls ready for sanding, which is taking place today. If they can finish it today, then tomorrow they’ll begin painting and re-doing the trimwork, and then laying the floors on Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday they’ll finish flooring and begin installing the cabinets, which get delivered tomorrow.

Here’s what the inside looked like as of Friday (it’s not much different today):

Looking at the big island, pantry and eat-in area.

I had a minor freak-out this morning realizing that we may not have bought enough flooring. I plan on telling our contractor to try not to create too much waste, and to reuse as much of the larger pieces of wasted flooring as he can. We only bought 5% overage – not 10%!!! Blerg!

Yesterday we went to The Container Store and looked at pieces to use in our walk-in pantry. Denis and I both had a vision in our heads of what our pantry use would be, but he needed to physically hold the drawers/baskets in his hand and see them in action to truly visualize what he wanted. The good news is that we’re on track and in sync on that now.

The dust is everywhere in the house. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. I’ve been warned that the sanding taking place today will be the worst, and so we’ve tarped until we can’t tarp no more in an effort to keep the dust located only in the work zone. Let’s hope it’s enough!

Even with the slight delay on getting flooring down, I still think our contractor is on track to finish by early October. Here’s what I’ve calculated if the rest of the project goes according to plan:

1) Sept 17-18 – painting and trimwork installed
2) Sept 18-19 – flooring down
3) Sept 19-21 – cabinets and appliances installed – we’ll also have the countertop guys come and do their measurements for the new counters
4) Sept 24 – some peripherals installed (ceiling fan, pendant lights, pantry shelving)
5) Sept 25 – the rest of the peripherals installed (stove range hood, under-cabinet lighting, etc.)
6) Sept 26 – old wall cabinets re-installed in laundry room
7) Oct 1 – new countertops possibly ready to be installed
8. Oct 2 – backsplash installed and begin work on all last minute finish work and punch list items taken care of
9) Oct 8-9 – arrange for a team of housecleaners to come and clean our entire house from top to bottom


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