Another Bad Movie?

Okay, so Netflix got that tripe “Happiness” back and I went to look at Denis’ queue to see what was coming next from his side of the tracks, and it’s another movie from the same horrible guy that made “Happiness”.

And you know it can’t be good if a member review says,

“If you’re in the mood to see just how far people will go to defile, take advantage of and abuse one another, this is the film for you. The characters are shallow and self-centered at best, ranging to cruel, racist and literally murderous. After watching this film, my husband and I had to watch *any* other DVD to get rid of the bad vibes. I like realism, but the social ugliness in this film is worse than gratuitous — it’s entirely pointless.”

I have a feeling that I’ll not be watching this one and will beg Denis not to waste his time either. The fun independent (read: not mainstream) movies of yesteryear (i.e., “Dazed and Confused”, “Trainspotting”, “Swingers”) have turned into depressing nihilistic crap today.

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  1. E-mail me and let me know how to get to my netflix list so I can update it.


  2. I logged into Netflix. The writer of my next movie, “Storytelling,” also wrote “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” which was a decent movie.

  3. “Welcome to the Dollhouse” was a lighthearted romp compared to “Happiness”, and based on the reviews I read from other viewers, I tend to think “Storytelling” is much more like “Happiness” than “Dollhouse”.

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