And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Okay, so when I first tried to get a free iPod, just like everyone else in the Blogosphere, I was laughed at by my friends – ridiculed for getting something from a ponzi scheme (my sister’s particular phrase).

Well, ponzi scheme, schmonzi scheme. I just got word that my referrals are all done to qualify for my 80-Hr Tivo. But upon reading enough negative reviews on the 80-Hr Tivo at Amazon I’ve opted to take the other offer – for $275 in cash. According to the website I’ve been using to get my referrals, I should receive the money in my PayPal account by Wednesday of next week.

I’ll then contact DirecTV and order an upgraded DVR for $99 and pocket the remaining $150 or so that’ll be left after installation.

As an added bonus, the offer I did to start my account at DVRs4Free was Vonage phone service – which should be activated in the next few days. Cheaper phone service, cheaper Tivo, and some cash in my pocket.

How is THAT for a ponzi scheme, Jen?

Update: I just got an email from Vonage saying that our phones would be switched to their service on March 28th. Yay!

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  1. Ponzi schemes work for people who get in at the beginning, then leave before the scheme works its way.

    BTW, did you get the 911 service with Vonage? I understand that it is an extra charge.

  2. And ponzi schemes also work when you get 100s of people signing up at a referral network site where ALL of the members trade referrals with each other to help folks get their free items.

  3. Must be something new these “Ponzi schemes”. I have heard of the one you mention. But every time I try something of that nature on the net, it takes me too long to get through it and I eventually give up on it. I hope you get your money.

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