And The Winner Is…

We all know FantaBounce is going to win American Idol tonight, right? Frankly, I think that both Diana and FantaBounce sound the EXACT SAME (read: I won’t buy their albums).

In other TV news, the “Colonial House” series just ended on PBS. I love the House shows on PBS – they are so much more fun to watch than regular reality tv. What struck me the most about Colonial House was the women’s inability to drop their 21st Century ideas and become truly 17th C. women (read: no rights, no opinions, no help in the household from the husband). The 2nd Governor’s wife (nicknamed Lady MacBeth by the other colonials) so obviously wanted to BE the governor that everything she said out loud about the project became a joke for hypocrisy. And while I liked the Voorhees family for the most part (LOVED the husband), the wife’s inability to get over her non-religious views and just PARTICIPATE in the project was annoying. I’m sorry – but you signed up for this project KNOWING what you were going into: a puritan village of the year 1628 in which one’s religious faith was 99% of who he/she was. Why she refused to play along was just ridiculous, when her husband (who didn’t even WANT to be on the show but agreed to do it when his wife said she really wanted to) was willing to play along as the CHARACTER he was given for the show. PBS announced on their site that they plan on doing another House series (they’ve done other series like 1900 House, Manor House, Regency House, Frontier House) and will announce what kind of House it will be at the end of this year. Having loved Colonial House and 1900 House, I’m sorely tempted to keep an eye on that and possibly audition for a project in the future. As long as it’s not 1400 House – I need something that includes at a minimum an outhouse.

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