And the Weekend Isn’t Even Over!

Busy weekend for the Cooties! So busy that I can’t even really remember everything we did.

Saturday morning I spent my time cleaning the main floor of the house – dusting, vacuuming, swiffering, tidying, etc. I wanted to do the second floor of the house today but that never quite happened, so maybe tomorrow I’ll do that.

On Saturday afternoon, Denis, Ace & Anthony convinced me to go house-hunting with them. So we all packed into the car and grabbed some early dinner at a local diner and then headed out. We saw a few houses, one of which *I* really liked! It had a HUGE football-field sized backyard that would have been perfect for Cooper and CootieGirl and The Bean. And the house itself had been fixed up quite a bit and was quite nice, despite having only 3 bedrooms. In the end, it wasn’t to Ace & Anthony’s taste (which is the main point, after all, since they are The House Hunters).

Sunday was a busy church day – service in the morning, then a BBQ at another member’s house. I took CootieGirl with me (Denis had to work), and she loved the pool. At first she cried quite a bit when she got in (after all, there were about a dozen other people in the pool roughhousing), but after a few minutes she was fine. But she was golden once we ducked her completely under the water – from then on she loved her time in the pool. She giggled, laughed, splashed, and kicked around for an hour and fussed when we finally took her out to dry off (but not until after we dunked one more time just to get her used to that). I’m excited that our small group is moving to Monday nights so that I can sign up CootieGirl for swimming classes at the Y.

Then that night there was a women’s ministry meeting where a bunch of us just got together to talk about Krista’s vision for the new group and a meet-and-greet for some of the women that don’t know each other that well. It was fun and festive, and I think Krista is a natural born leader for this particular genre of ministry.

Today was another lazy day – made all the better because it was so grey outside – I didn’t feel guilty at all about chilling in front of the tv, playing with CootieGirl all day while Denis went out with The Boys again to look at more houses.

Two movies I watched this weekend: Dark Blue World, a foreign film set in WWII – it was decent but not great. Then today I watched Equus, the Richard Burton movie from 1977. Talk about not-that-great-a-movie. So much hype for an “Academy Award winner” (Burton won for Best Actor), but frankly that movie was pretty bad. If it’s on your Netflix Queue, take it off – trust me.

Tomorrow I have another day off for my 3-hour glucose test at 7:30 a.m. Tonight to celebrate my 12-hour fast we had ribs for dinner and ice cream for dessert. I finished my ice cream at 7:34 p.m., so I’ll make sure I don’t drink that glucose stuff until after 7:35 a.m. just so I know I’m outside of their recommended fasting time (8-12 hours is their recommendation). I’m confident I’ll pass though, since I forgot to fast with the original 1-hour test that I took a couple weeks ago.

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