And The There Were Seven…

Last night’s episode of AI2 was okay – I am glad they are down to seven because it’s going to be so easy to kick off Carmen What’s-Her-Name this week. She was HORRIBLE last night. Followed closing by Kimberly Caldwell, who is a bit of a one-note performer.

But now that they are down to seven contestants, it’s harder to pick a top three as well. Josh’s performance was fine. Ruben’s performance was better than average but a bit boring. Clay’s was fine. Trenyce’s was definitely better than average. Kim Locke’s was FANTASTIC – it was the perfect song for her. Easily the best of the night. So besides Carmen and Kim Caldwell, how does one pick the third lowest? I guess I’ll go with Josh, if only because the beginning of his song was a bit rocky.

Top three:

1. Kim Locke

2. Trenyce

3. Ruben

Bottom three:

3. Josh Gracin

2. Kimberly Caldwell

1. Carmen What’s-Her-Name

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  1. totally with you on kim Locke! She was outstanding last night and if she is in the bottom 3 again (just becasue she doesn’t have a large enough fan base), I will make a trip to the US to start voting myself next week! (we can’t call from Canada) I thought Clay was also really good. When he started singing, I was screaming at the screen, telling my husband “I can’t believe he took this great up-tempo song and turned it into a Clay-ballade! He’ll loose because of this!” and then… FAKE! He got me! He was great!

    As much as I think Carmen must leave this week, I cannot stand one more “performance” from Kim Caldwell. She must go now.

  2. I would have to say that Carmen and Kimberly Caldwell would definitely be in the bottom three. I think Trenyce might be the third, especially if my family has anything to do with it…they cannot stand her. I think she has a pretty good voice, but not so great presence. On the other hand, Kimberly Caldwell has a great presence and not so spectacular voice. I think Ruben could have been better, although he was definitely good. I still don’t care much for Clay—he will do well on Broadway, but not as a Pop recording artist. Josh did reasonably well, but it just wasn’t his “thing”. Kimberly Locke had better not be in the bottom three—she was by far the best of all the performances and she is looking great too(lost a lot of weight)!

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