And So It Begins…

Kindergarten, that is.

Yes, that day has come when our CootieGirl starts her illustrious 16+ years in the educational system. This morning she woke up with a leap and promptly started getting dressed. Let’s hope that enthusiasm lasts more than a week. Let’s hope she has that enthusiasm in the 10th grade, too.

We made sure CootieBoy was up and dressed as well so he could go and see where she was going to school. We managed to get out of the house on time (gasp!) and drove to the school, which is a few miles away.

We got lucky and found parking up close (starting Monday Denis will be going through the “drop off” lane and simply letting her go in by herself). As we got near the doors we found Amy and Emma just across the way, so we all made the long walk together. I could see that Emma was VERY sad about going to school (her mom works from home so Emma has the benefit of staying at home most of the time rather than being in daycare all day like my kids). CootieGirl, on the other hand, was leading the way and rarin’ to go. In fact, when we got to her class she showed me where to put her backpack and with a nary a word went off to go play.

Uh, bye!

And it turns out that CG’s teacher has a daughter who is in CB’s class at daycare, so there is a connection there that is kind of cool.

(click to enlarge pictures)

And CB was just happy that they had donuts on hand for those that wanted them:

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  1. Wow! Quite the momentous day! Praying that all goes well as she starts the great adventure of big girl school. Thanks for documenting it with pictures for us!

  2. Ace – all her school supplies, which included folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, box of tissues, glue, and a few other things. Her lunchbox is in there, too. The school supplies will stay at school and from now on she’ll only be schlepping one 3-ring binder and her lunchbox.

  3. The last shot of CB chowing down on a donut is priceless!
    Can’t beleive she is off to school already – I remember CLEARLY when you were pregnant with her. Where does the time go?

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