And Like It They Did!

We got a couple Wii games for Christmas (Mario Olympics and Mercury Meltdown). I played them over the weekend and had a lot of fun. The Mercury game is a maze that you have to get your little mercury ball from one end to the other. Each round gets progressive harder. I figured the kid wouldn’t like that game, so I didn’t show it to them, figuring that I’d play it in private.

CootieGirl got a Disney Princess Wii game. Now, CG generally steers clear of the Wii because she can’t wrap her head around the controls. However, she LOVES the Disney game. The game itself is REALLY easy (and monotonous), but she loves it. It’s easy enough that she can do it by herself (with occasional assistance from Denis or me) and in turn is giving her more confidence about playing the Wii in general. And since she never plays the Wii (unlike CB and me), I let her play it pretty much most of the afternoon on Saturday. Fortunately CB was okay with that.

Yesterday afternoon the kids discovered the box for the Mercury game and came to ask if they could play it. I warned them that they may not like it and to be prepared to “lose” a lot while they learn how to do it. Well, apparently losing is their favorite part because the ball drops over the edge into oblivion. Whenever that happened they would both groan together followed by a quick giggle as they would restart the round. And (no surprise), CB quickly figured out how to maneuver through the game and managed to go a few rounds without an assistance from me. The kid’s a whiz. CG did need help a few times but was generally content to let the ball drop off the side of the board. *lol*

We also tried the Mario Olympics game but CB threw a fit when he couldn’t make his character do anything, so I have a feeling that’ll be a Mommy-only game. At some point I was doing skeet-shooting and Denis made fun of me. So I handed him the remote and was happy to see him do worse than me (I earned 14 points, he earned 10). Take that, trash talker!

And the WiiFit will move back to Active status this week, as will Wii Sports (tennis and boxing). I didn’t bring it out this morning, but the goal for 2009 is to lose another 30 pounds by the end of May. I accomplished this mission last year, and hope to do it this year as well.

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