And Let’s Not Forget Lisa Won!

I just now remembered I wanted to post about the finale of “Big Brother” that aired last night. By now you may or may not know that sweet Lisa won the whole kaboodle, with Danielle coming in at second. The final vote? 9-1 for Lisa. I was shocked that it was such a runaway for her. I thought Danielle had at least three votes. I pictured Jason (of course), Amy, and Josh voting for Danielle. Amy even said in her final interview with Julie that she’d vote for Danielle. But methinks Danielle lost her vote when Amy got home and saw tapes of Danielle making fun of her to Lisa while she (Amy) was out of the house with Jason on a boat-ride reward. But how sweet was Eric to Lisa? They so obviously care about each other – I think it’s great that their relationship is not a put-on like the fiasco of Mike Boogie and that Louisiana redneck chick from last year (I can’t even remember her name). So three cheers for Lisa winning $500K. Well done!

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  1. Krista. The backwoods, Nyquil-swiggin’, Boogie-lovin’ girl was Krista.

    I’m still upset Danielle didn’t win, even though I knew she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

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