And Just Like That The Week Is Ovah!!

It’s Sunday and I’m here in Virginia picking up the kids from Camp Marmie. They had a blast all week but were excited to see me. My drive was uneventful – I just plugged in my audiobook (“Pride and Prejudice”) and enjoyed the adventures of Lizzie Bennet and Mark Darcy, Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet. I pulled into my parents’ church parking lot for the Saturday night service just as Lydia and Mr. Wickham returned home from their unexpected wedding.

This morning the car has been packed up, the kids are eating breakkies, and we’ll be hitting the road within the hour. CootieGirl has lamented that she didn’t get to go to the pool at all this week, so I told her we’d go when we get home. CootieBoy says he wants to watch “The Monkees” when he gets home. We aim to please, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

Last night Marmie and I watched “Expelled,” the Ben Stein movie about the attempt of Darwinists to ostracize anyone who is a proponent of Intelligent Design. What cracked me up was the interview Ben Stein did with Richard Dawkins, a staunch Darwinist and atheist. Ben asked him where life came from, and Dawkins said he didn’t know. Ben followed up, asking why it was so bad to consider there was some kind of intelligent designer who created life on earth. At that point Dawkins said that it was possible that in another universe there was intelligent life so far ahead of our own that it created the design for life and seeded it on Earth.

So, he IS willing to believe that an alien from another universe created life on Earth (despite there being no evidence whatsoever), but is not willing to believe that a spiritual Creator could have started it all off? WOW. As Ben Stein said (paraphrased), “So it’s not that Dawkins doesn’t believe in Intelligent Design – he just doesn’t believe in an Intelligent Design that includes God.”

The other point that Ben Stein was able to show during an interview with another scientist was that Darwin NEVER talks about the beginning of life – despite the misleading title of his book (The Origin of Species). His book picks up AFTER life has begun – and discusses evolution. But his book does NOT discuss the true origin of the first cell, the first living, breathing thing.

In any event, it was an interesting movie and I recommend it.

JenSpeaks is coming over in a bit to say a quick goodbye to the kiddies, and then we hit the road.

And so it comes to an end – waking up every morning to a house that is miraculously just as clean as it was the day before. Those were good days….

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  1. No need to be rude, solenadon. Can opinions be expressed WITHOUT calling names? In today’s world, simple politeness is sorely lacking in the conquest of basic discourse.

  2. I was no more rude than you. You used creationist cue words like “Darwinists” (no such thing) to describe the people who supposedly “suppress” Id’ers. Have your read the web site. Those people who supposedly were “expelled”…actually weren’t. And if they were denied jobs…not for the reasons the IDer’s state.

    As well, you denigrate Dawkins for the his supposed statement that aliens designed “life and seeded it on Earth”.

    You are obviously unfamilar with ID. This is one of the thingst hey posit…in public. In private it’s their particular deity.

    I was not rude. I was simply giving IDiots their due.

  3. I did visit the website you linked to – I noticed it was created by one of the organizations featured in “Expelled,” so I took it with a grain of salt since they had an axe to grind, but I did read through everything nonetheless. I also visited at a couple other sites as well.

    Also, I didn’t denigrate or insult Dawkins in any way – I said he was a “staunch Darwinist and atheist” – which he has stated himself to be. I don’t consider the word ‘Darwinist’ to be a negative word – it’s simply a word to describe someone who believes Darwin’s theories to be fact rather than theory. Would you prefer I say ‘evolutionist’ which is essentially the same thing? Also, in the interview with Ben, the words came out of Dawkins’ own mouth – that he thinks it’s a possibility that intelligent life from some other universe possibly seeded life on Earth. That wasn’t made up. Dawkins said it in the interview.

    Again, try to refrain from names and insults. I think you are being a bit intolerant to call them “IDiots” rather than “proponents of intelligent design” or even “Creationists.”

  4. They had a “axe to grind”? And the Discovery Institude doesn’t?

    You may not consider “Darwinist” to be a negative word. However, many of us do since creationists and IDers toss it around as if it is.

    Dawkins said it. So what? Well, your denigrating him for something the IDiots claim in public. That’s hypocrisy.

    So I’m “intolerant” when I call them IDiots? As I said, I’m calling it as it is. Creationists make a big deal of “civility”. I have found that calls for “civility” from creationists amounts to a cloud screen. Show them wrong, they claim your being “uncivil”.

    So me they deserve respect. From what I’ve seen, they do not.

  5. Obviously my use of the word “Darwinist” offends you, so I apologize to you for using the word in the post. My intent was not to use it as a slur in any way. I am unaware of any other term to use other than “evolutionist” to reference pro-Darwin proponents, and frankly typing “Darwinist” takes less time than “evolutionist.” That was my reason for using the word. *lol*

    And I’ll say again – nowhere in my post did I denigrate or personally insult Dr. Dawkins. I very briefly (with one word, really) responded and stated my opinion on words he said in an interview. I didn’t attack his reputation, or downplay his credentials as a doctor of science, or call him names. I merely relayed what he said, and then said, “Wow.”

    You can certainly call things as you feel they are, but you can do it without names and insults. Same goes for me. You were insulted by my use of the word “Darwinist,” so I’m apologizing for that. I’m just as put off by the fact that you call people who have a belief that is different from yours “idiots.” It’s not my place to show you that anyone else “deserves” respect, but good manners and etiquette generally dictate that everyone should be shown respect, regardless of their beliefs. Respect isn’t something that’s earned, it’s granted. I respect *your* right to have your beliefs about evolution – even if I disagree with them. Why can’t you respect the right of those who don’t share your belief system?

    My husband and I have diametrically opposed political beliefs – they couldn’t be more diametrically opposed if we tried. I don’t think we agree about ANYthing when it comes to politics. And yet we’re able to live in the same house, raise our children, and have a nice life together. We agree to disagree and mutually respect each other’s right to his or her own beliefs.

    So why can’t you and I just agree to disagree? I have my beliefs, you have yours. I won’t change you, you won’t change me. Why continue to belabor the point? Why not just shake hands, call it a draw and go our separate ways?

  6. I haven’t heard of this movie, but I’m intrigued. I have my own thoughts about the beginning of life and how we should teach it, etc., and my ideas are probably pretty different from yours, but for what it’s worth, I didn’t find your post to be rude at all. It actually made me laugh.

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