An Update on Ace’s Brother and Sister-in-Law

I got the following email from Ace, which he got from one of his relatives:

The quickest way to give you the news is to say that D. and V. have named their daughter “HOPE”.

They first met yesterday with the High-Risk OB: The amnio came back normal – no chromosome abnormalities, and the Hydrocephalus has not worsened since last sonogram.

Next they went to Johns Hopkins University and met with the world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson said that other than the Hydrocephalus the baby is developing normally. He also said that he has seen worse cases, earlier in the pregnancy, with good results. The baby’s brain at this point in time is soft. It can move to accommodate the fluid. Does not rule out any problems, but there is definitely HOPE, thus her name.

Dr. Carson … said that the baby may not go full term, but would do everything possible to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible.

Dr. Carson told them to remember, “This baby was made out of love, and God does not make mistakes.”

[portions deleted]

After Hope is born, Dr. Carson will have to operate to insert the shunt to relieve the fluid on her brain.

Keep in mind that this is extremely optimistic, but it gave them the HOPE that they needed to get through. Ultimately, Hope’s fate is not in their hands but they are going to give her every possible chance.

The is a quote on Dr. Carson’s website:

“God helps, not by giving us the answers, but by encouraging us to use our intelligence to find them,

and guiding us in the right direction.”

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  1. Sounds like Ace’s bro and sis-in-law have made wise choices so far – in their doctor and their daughter’s name. I’m praying for all of them!

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