An Unintentional “Bring Your Daughter to Work” Day

So CootieGirl is here at work with me today – she wasn’t supposed to be. She was supposed to come into the city with Denis, go to a photo shoot, and then go back to NJ with Denis.

Alas, all three of us were on the bus commuting in this morning when Denis hurled. Thankfully, I had a bag in my purse that he could hurl into, but ewwww… So then we got to Port Authority and he looked like GARBAGE. So he turned around and went right back home on the bus. And I was loaded down with purse, baby bag, and baby. No stroller, no backpack, no nothing. Just her in my arms and a bag on each shoulder.

I hopped on the subway and went to the photo shoot, which went well. They dressed up CootieGirl as a boy because no boys were showing up due to the snow this morning. Then they put her in a girl outfit but she was really cranky due to naptime and eventually they gave up and put the outfit on another happier baby. But she was there for the full two hours and got her money, and they seemed to REALLY like the boy pictures, so I’m confident it’ll be seen soon (it was an Easter motif so the photos won’t be out for a couple months yet).

So then CootieGirl and I trekked to midtown and arrived at my office around 12:30, and she’s been pretty much fussy ever since. She took a brief 30 minute nap but she’s been up the rest of the time. Thankfully, two of my bosses are traveling today and the other one is relatively easy to care for, so it’s not so bad having her here. But still – if she gets much more fussy I’m going to have to leave because she’s disturbing other people trying to get their work done.

Right now she’s sitting on the floor in my work area, eating Cheerios and playing with a couple of her toys. Hopefully this will satisfy her for another 30-45 minutes AT LEAST. If I leave early, I’d prefer it be closer to 4:30, not 4. Especially since I already came in late today.

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  1. No, DENIS gets sick a lot. gets daycare colds a lot. JAYNEE does not get sick a lot – in fact, I never used to get sick until CootieGirl arrived. Now I get colds more often than I ever did – but it’s still not nearly as often as the other two in the household.

  2. Jaynee is right. I do get sick a lot. What is up with that? I’ve always been prone to getting sick. Wish I didn’t but that’s me. Hope CootieGirl doesn’t take after me. And yes, Jaynee never used to get sick until CootieGirl arrived. What’s up with that? I’m feeling much better today. Not much risk of Jaynee catching what I had. I think it was food poisoning again. This has to stop!

  3. Jen could give you some great tips on avoiding food poisoning. My friend in GA (with the 8 kids) has had this problem over the years ’cause she is unable to monitor closely enough all the “hands in the pot” as it were, and making sure all hands, counters, sink and sponges are disinfected. It takes diligence but is worth it, unless you like hugging the porcelain bowl. 😉

  4. I think it was the chinese food I ate not our kitchen or anything I cooked. In fact, I know that’s the case because I didn’t cook anything the day before yesterday, but thanks for the tips.

  5. The key is lots of hand washing. To keep the kitchen clean, occasionally wipe down the counters with a light bleach solution to kill bacteria. Wash your cutting board in the dishwasher once every two weeks or so, unless you cut meat on it, then wash after each use (if it’s dishwasher safe). Wipe down the frig handles with the bleach cloth. Common sense stuff.

  6. It’s not food poisoning, because I now have exactly what Denis had yesterday. And I feel really bad for not taking better care of him because I’m MISERABLE. I fear CootieGirl catching this because all she’ll do is CRY CRY CRY. =(

  7. I feel bad for getting mad at Jaynee tonight for not taking better care of me yesterday. I know she’s no nurse maid and that is what I want most of the time I get sick, but I have to learn that she’ll never change and never be one. I hope she doesn’t have what I had. But the good thing is it only lasted one day. And I’m pretty sure it was food poisoning. I’ve never had a virus that came and went in 24 hours. And I certainly hope CootieGirl doesn’t get this.

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