An Ode to Bad Drivers

Okay, I know it’s ironic that I title today’s entry in recognition of bad drivers, since some may claim *I’m* a bad driver since I got in a car accident a scant two weeks ago. However, this morning Denis and I encountered three bad drivers in a span of five minutes.

First, to the driver of the blue van in front of me as I pulled out of my street. I appreciate your need for safety and defensive driving. But crawling at 1 mph for 100 yards while you straddle two lanes is NOT safe driving.

Second, to the elderly gentleman who came to a complete stop in the circle – there are NO stops signs at the circle other than for those trying to get in. This means you have to keep moving if you are already in the circle. Not come to a full stop just in case others might want to jump in. Thank heavens there was no one coming up over the hill behind you or else they would have plowed you over.

Lastly, to the jerk in the parking lot at the park and ride who decided that the entire parking lot belonged to him – I don’t appreciate your need to make the widest turn possible into a parking spot in the nearly empty back of the lot. Your little compact car doesn’t need that much room to get into a spot. And there was no need to make a beeline straight for me on my side of the lane in order to make that turn. There were a dozen spots there. What made you think I wanted your spot?

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