An Indiana Jones Weekend

Saturday CB and I played Lego Indiana Jones for several hours. SEVERAL hours. We started around 11 a.m. and next thing I knew it was about 4 p.m. I tell ya, the concept of time disappears when you play that game. But it was fun.

Then yesterday we played a couple more hours. It’s frustrating playing with him now because we’ve found about 100 of the 120 treasures we need to find, and we’ve found 14 of the 25 packages we need to find, and we’ve achieved “True Adventurer” status in about half of the chapters. In order to finish Game 1 we need to complete all of those. So yesterday I went into the chapters where ALL WE NEEDED was True Adventurer status – the easiest thing to achieve. But no, because CB likes to run his character off cliffs, or get shot at, or anything else that results in the loss of points, we were never able to get True Adventurer status in any of the chapters I selected. Sure, we managed to find a couple more packages and treasures in other chapters, but that’s not what my goal was.

Denis was laughing at me. “You realize he’s only four years old, right?” he asked me when I got frustrated once again about CB running his man off a cliff.

In fun Lego Indy Jones news though, we unlocked the “Young Indy” secret level which was awesome. There are three secret levels and I was tickled pink when I discovered that “Young Indy” was unlocked. CB likes that one because it has circus animals (it’s a replay of the scene at the beginning of the third movie with River Phoenix playing young Indy).

Anyway, after playing “Young Indy” a couple times I told CB that if he wanted we could watch the movie itself. He agreed, and we sat down to watch “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” He loved it. How do I know he loved it? Because he TALKED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. Seriously – the WHOLE MOVIE he kept asking me questions like “Where’s Santa?” (who is a secret character in the Wii game) “Is that Elsa?” “Is that Indy?” “What’s his name?” “What are they doing?” “Hey! I remember that in the game!” etc. A running commentary for almost two hours straight.

Then we get to the end of the movie where the bad guy drinks from the wrong cup and begins aging. CG is freaking out and I tell her to cover her eyes just as the guy’s head begins turning into a skull. In my haste to keep CG from seeing it I completely forgot to cover CB’s eyes. As the scene ended he turned to me and quietly said, “I didn’t like that.” Oops.

When the movie ended it was bedtime and CB was asleep within 60 seconds of getting into bed. I’m convinced it’s because he had spent the previous two hours TALKING THE WHOLE TIME.

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