An Immediate Improvement

I’m happy to report that Denis and I painted over the lime green paint last night! It only took an hour or so to do the whole room, and it’s SO much better in there – it’s amazing how much lighter the room feels (it’s a dark room because it gets little sun). I’m thrilled with the change and can’t wait to get the “delightful buttery yellow” on the walls next week before my sister arrives. In the meantime, if I get a chance later this morning I will upload the pictures of the wallpapered room, the lime green room, and the new cream room in prep for the wonderful yellow room. Can you tell I’m excited?

Alas, today I won’t be online much because I’m home so that I can clean before my parents arrive. So much to do! After I took Denis to the bus stop this morning I took a lap around the place and wow – it’s kind of dirty. But I guess that’s what to expect when you have two humans, four cats and one dog all sharing living space. Luckily the weather is semi-decent today (a bit damp, but cool), so I’m going to throw open all the windows to let in some fresh air and get crackin’. If I see anything of interest on TV I’ll let you know. *grin*

EDIT: Here are the pictures – I went ahead and loaded them up before I got started on housework. First is the Wallpaper Look – it’s dreadful, I know. Second is the Lime Green Paint – hard to believe, huh? And last, our achievement from last night: the cream primer.

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  1. Looks better!

    You know the lime green reminds me of Changing Rooms/Trading Spaces…those wacky designers like to use those kinds of colors a lot.

    Have a great weekend with the ‘rents!

  2. Nice, um, walls!

    No seriously, a wonderful improvement. That wallpaper made me dizzy and I spilled some coffee 😉 Good luck on your home improvement endeavors!

  3. hey jaynee – i’m missing those wonderful frilly curtains …. where did you put them ? they added a unique touch to the room

  4. Could you please e-mail what color and brand of that lime color, I absoultely love it. Your room looks wonderful and much better than that dizzy wallpaper.

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