An Easy Way To Pay For Your Latte

As you know, I’m always up for ways to earn a few extra bucks – whether it’s mystery shopping, paid posts here at Cootiehog, doing surveys online, reviews at epinions, and even my medical study (which ended in early March – don’t ask what my final results were). I’m also considering donating plasma because 1) it helps people who need it and 2) it pays $20 per donation, up to two donations a month.

So for a long time I heard about “pay for viewing ads” but never bothered signing up. But a woman on my mommy forum signed up a while ago and did it for a couple weeks. And got paid on schedule. So I figured, why not?

I signed up tonight and viewed about 20 ads or so over the course of 10 minutes. And voila – I have $3.87 that will get paid out on Friday.

$3.87, you say, that’s nothing! Barely covers a cup of coffee from Starbucks!

Ah yes, but $3.87 every day, 7 days a week? Well, that’s $27.09 which is roughly $25 once PayPal takes its pesky fees. Do the math, people – that’s $100 per month that can be earned with virtually no hassle on my part, which can go a long way towards paying bills.

Not only that, but some of the ads were for some REALLY cute clothing, home goods and jewelry websites that I went ahead and bookmarked for possible future gift purchases when Amazon feels too generic.

So if you are looking for an easy way to pick up a few bucks each week to help cover your Starbucks addiction, then check it out and sign up.

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  1. Well now that I’ve read the Terms of Service, I’m not entirely comfortable with this…”As described above, as part of the MeFile service, we provide your information to our third party advertisers without providing any identifying individual information about you.”
    I’m afraid I’ll get all kinds of junk emails (and calls to my cell phone). So I didn’t click submit.

    Plus every time you visit one of their third party websites, they’ll drop cookies. I don’t know exactly why that might not be good, but my dh doesn’t want all those cookies.

    So…let me know after you’ve done it for a while if you have problems, or if I’m worried for nothing.


  2. kbf – I have a Yahoo email account set up specifically for this kind of thing. This way I don’t have to worry about spam. And I’ve NEVER had a website call or message my cellphone. As for cookies, I clear them out every couple of weeks so I’m not too worried about that either.

    But yes, I’ll let you know if I have an uptick in spam – but as I said, I signed up using an email account that I use specifically for things I sign up for online that will probably create spam.

  3. I’ll say this – I’m on Day 3 now at the site and I haven’t had any ads to look at in the past two days. So I have not earn more than the $3.87 I earned that first day. Evenso, I’ll keep checking back. I may not earn $100 a month, but even $25 a month pays more than half of our monthly internet bill!

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