An Awful AI2 Evening

So I was really looking forward to Disco night on American Idol 2. But man, was I disappointed. For one, no one sang “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. C’mon people – why not? That’s a seminal disco song, in my mind. But Kimberly Caldwell DID attempt “Knock on Wood”, which is my second favorite disco song of all time. But she didn’t do it well.

In fact, no one really sang WELL other than Clay and Rickey. In fact, Clay did SO well (finally, an up-tempo song), that I was shocked when Simon said it was dreadful. As for Rooo-ben, sure he sang impeccably, but he managed to make a Barry White song be BORING. I didn’t think that was possible. For once Carmen Whats-Her-Name sang well (although her vibrato has GOT to go). Trenyce was okay, but she was trying to hard to sound like Whitney – that’s a big turnoff for me when a singer tries to emulate another performer.

Picking a bottom three is so tough because other than Clay, no one else really stood out in any way. They were all sub-par.

So for the bottom three I’d start with Josh Gracin, who was TOTALLY out of his element and knew it (and his song choice was terrible). Then add in Kimberly Locke, who FINISHED her song well, but started off very rocky. And finish the trio with Trenyce, who has an amazing voice – when she’s not attempting to channel Whitney.

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  1. I said essentially the same thing. Although I wish someone had done “Ring My Bell.” That’s my favorite disco tune.

    See my blog for my review…

  2. Simon was right with Clay. “You’re a six and a half out of ten. So what?” Clay must go!

    And where are all those fans of Corey (Heartless) now?

  3. How about “Dancing Queen”, or anything by ABBA for that matter…. I thought they were all blah, except for Clay, and I’m not a huge fan of his, so that’s saying a lot.

    Ruben was boring. Good, very good, but booooring.

    And the guy fro Erth, Wind and Fire… boy, that was one scary looking dude… that outfit, that hair….

  4. They have to get permission to sing the songs from whoever holds the rights…it could be that ABBA and Donna Summers (or their labels or whoever owns the rights) won’t sell the rights to AI. They mentioned on Nashville Star that the BeeGees wouldn’t give rights for a song one of the contestants wanted to sing.

    But I totally agree that last night’s performances generally sucked.

  5. Wow your pretty good at picking. You only missed by one. I like Carmen and hope to not see her go, she is not too bad and singing and good to look at.

  6. Well, I have to totally disagree…after finally watching the shows on TiVo. I do NOT like Clay! Although Rickey was not super…he was fun…and Rueben was still the best of them all.

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