An Anti-Work Day

I’m having a really bad workday today. I won’t go into specifics, but suffice to say I almost broke down crying at my desk about an hour ago at the futility of it all. Sometimes the paycheck at the end of the month just isn’t worth it.

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  1. No, she actually won the bid.

    You and I could be selling ice cream from the back of a truck right now. Or eating it off the back of a truck.

    Nancy at work came up with a good idea for a mobile food service. A liquor mobile. What do you think? Of course, we don’t sell to minors. Might be tough to get around annoying city ordinances.

  2. I have work days like that, usually beginning Jan 2nd and ending Dec 23rd (our last day of work for the year). It has been really hectic lately since I lost my two contractors and I am again a team of one.

    However, I am not nearly as productive as you when having a bad day. I usually just sit there and feel sorry for myself. I am an expert at that task. Gold medal winner.

    Hope tomorrow is better!!!

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