Amityville Horror Pt 2

Anyone who was here last year for Amityville Horror Pt. 1 should know that the sequel is out this summer.

Yes, our flies are back. Except this time they are convening in the attic where our computer is. They’ve decided the living room bay window was too dangerous due to massive casualties last year and have moved to higher ground. Right now as I type I count no less than twenty.

Yes, I said twenty.

Disgusting, isn’t it? I’ve decided that the only method that will work is to bug-bomb the house. It’s quite possible this weekend that we’ll be begging Ace to take us in for a night, board the pets in the kennel at our vet’s and lock up the house tight so that the bugbombs can do their thing. Until then, Denis is doing battle tonight with a folded up newspaper (although I may go out and buy him a flyswatter) and some tacky (literally and figuratively) flypaper.

Our cats are ridiculous. Three of them are up here in the attic with me right now and are just lounging comfortably in the sun. No flies on them.

update at 7:49 p.m.: Denis managed to get 24 KIAs. And as of an hour ago, our attic is a fly-free zone.

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  1. Oh, I have the killer instinct. I was not going to quit until the last fly was gone. It must have been a sight, chasing them around the attic, downstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom, and back up again. I think I got them all. At least I thought so until this morning. I found one more in my bathtub. I may have stunned it earlier, because he was flying around, just walking. I showered him and killed him. Hopefully, that is the last of them. I’ll see when I get home. I have no problem going after any that have not felt my wrath yet.

    These are the dumbest, slowest flies I’ve ever seen. I remember as a kid growing up with flies in and out of the apartment, and those flies had some moxy. They wouldn’t just hang out on a screen so you could wack them. These are lazy suburban flies.

  2. Eewww…that’s a lot of flies!

    I’ve had a few big ants, but I’ve gotten my cats to eat them. Emmie, the 1 year old, would go nuts over a fly or two….and I would go mad at 46! Good luck getting rid of them!

  3. Denise, you posted on June 10, 2003 about your fly problem. I wanted to ask you about these flies. I have had this type of fly also (dumbest and slowest). Is there a particular species of flies that move this slow? You mentioned “lazy suburban flies”; have you had these kind of flies before? Are these kinds of flies common, or are they rarely seen? When I have found these kind of flies, there was also a large number of them congregating in one spot. Is this unusual or is this normal? Do you have any information regarding these type of flies. I think it is very strange for flies to behave this way and to show up in a large group so quickly. I would love to hear from you as to what you think about this. Thanks

  4. Sorry that I addressed you improperly. I typed “Denise” instead of “Denis”. The above post is addressed to Denis. Thanks

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