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Judging by the response all over the blogosphere, I’m not the only one in shock that FantaBounce, La Toya and Jennifer were in the bottom three, and RH John once again miraculously made the cut. Who on earth keeps voting for him? The geriatrics must be out voting, that’s the only thing I can think of.

All I can think, and I said this at another blog, is that people are voting for the bad singers they want to give another chance to. Look at Tuesday night – FantaBounce, La Toya and Jennifer were HANDS DOWN the best singers of the night – absolutely NO ONE can contest that, and if they do, they need to adjust their meds.

In my case, George didn’t do a great job – but I know he’s a great singer, so when I picked up my phone, I attempted to vote for him (I dialed for 10 minutes straight and got nothing but a busy signal so I eventually gave up, but the intent was there). I voted for him to make sure he stays in the competition because I know he’s a fabulous singer and an absolute contender when given the right songs to sing.

So on Tuesday night, other people out there must have voted just like I intended to – for the person they LIKE, that didn’t do a great job but “deserved” another chance. Does RH John deserve another chance? No way. He has yet to perform well outside of his ORIGINAL AUDITION. Jasmine also hasn’t performed well enough to show she should still be in the competition. Diana did decently, and performed well on the first couple of episodes, so she should definitely stick around for a couple more episodes.

But the rest? The divas? They are called divas for a reason – THEY CAN SING and they really connect with the audience. They ABSOLUTELY deserve to be there, and from what I’ve read this morning on the Blogosphere, everyone else thinks the same thing.

The response? People, we HAVE to call next week and vote for the MOST QUALIFIED person – not the one we want to give another chance to. I know next week I’ll make a concerted effort to place my votes for the most deserving person – the one that sings the best.

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  1. I used to vote during AI2 (kind of over AI3), and the trick is to wait about 45 mins to an hour to call in your vote. The phone lines are never busy then.

  2. I’ve never voted in any AI season. I will be voting next week for sure and maybe in the following weeks.

    And Don & Mike were hilarious today when they talked about it. Mike does a dead-on RH John impression. =)

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