American Idol Was Great!

I know you are all anxiously awaiting my long detailed review on last night’s 90-minute episode of “American Idol”, right? Well here goes.

Uh…I didn’t see it. I can hear the collective gasp now. I know – no one is more upset than me, believe me.

Last night at work I got a call from an old college chum who was in town on business, and volunteered to take Denis and me to dinner. FREE MEAL? I’m there! So, upon arriving home I set up the VCR to tape the show.

Now, the last time two times I attempted to take something on this new VCR, I got nothing. The first time I forgot to turn the VCR off after programming it, so it never had a chance. The second time I thought I hit the record button and got it started, but I hadn’t. No recording. Last night I turned on the VCR and checked the clock setting – found it was wrong (due to the power failure we had a couple weeks ago). I fixed that, then set the timer on the VCR, making sure to TURN IT OFF when I was done. The tape was almost brand new (it contained only the first episode of American Idol). The tv was set to Fox and voila – I knew I’d get to watch my show upon arriving home.

Cut to 10:45 p.m. I walk in the house and rush upstairs to grab the tape. IT HADN’T RECORDED. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’m a technically savvy person – I really am. So why, all of a sudden, am I unable to set up a damn VCR to record one stupid show?

Jane and Kirby

Can he be any more tan? Ignore me in the picture – how can Kirby be completel in focus and me slightly shiny and out-of-focus? I know – it’s my master plan to look horrible in ALL pictures. Looks like I’m batting .1000 so far. At least the dinner was good and fun. Kirby is always a blast to hang out with – he tells stories like no other. The real plus is that he can quote any line from the movie “Mommie Dearest”, although last night he only did two quotes (I think that’s a record low for him).

I’ve only just now realized that not only did I miss American Idol but I missed The Mole! My sister just emailed me to ask me if I saw it. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

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  1. Just ask me, and I’ll set the VCR for you. Sounds like you need TIVO. As for you being out of focus, I noticed that too. I knew you’d be washed out, and I started fixing that in Photoshop, but decided to leave you au natural. This is the Jane I know and love.

  2. Meegan, is that what we’re calling it this week? “radiant”? I’ll have to remember that!

  3. Kirb is the best…and he’s ridiculously tan. But think about it – he’ll be all leathery and wrinkled in old age and we’ll still have dewy fresh, line-free skin. Right!

    On the VCR thing, you need to read the manual? *smirk* Rather than turning the VCR OFF, maybe there’s a timer button? Just a thought…

  4. We don’t have cell phones, a microwave, or the internet at our house…but we do have TIVO!!! Jump on the bandwagon…TIVO was created for YOU!

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