American Idol Recap

Let me just sum up last night’s American Idol with one word.


Once again I say, “Poor Redheaded John”, but I have a feeling Camille will be the one to go tonight because she’s just AWFUL and can’t cut it when it comes to singing live on tv.

Best performance of the night: George, hands down. I love him and he’s the main reason I watch – he NEVER disappoints. I hope he wins, and when his album comes out I’ll be first in line. LOVE his voice.

Bottom three should be: Camille, Redheaded John, Elvis Jon.
Who should go: Camille – with RH John close behind

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  1. How have Camille and RH John made it this far?? I can’t bear the embarrassment I have for them each week that I watch them sing, I have to turn away, please people STOP voting for them! – I agree George was great, I am hoping that he wins too, or at least makes it into the top 3!!

  2. George was my pick from the beginning of the finalist show. As you said, he never disappoints.

  3. Camile needs to go! John Stevens was awful last night, but at least he has sung well once or twice in the past. I’ve never heard/seen Camile do anything well.

  4. Ugh…am I the ONLY person who cringes at the sound of Fant-who-sia’s voice? The tone of her voice literally makes the little fuzzy hairs on the back of my neck stand on end…I don’t get it. George is da’man. AND…when old enough to date, god knows I would rather see someone like litte RH John show up at the door to pick up my daughter than someone like “hey, I played in the Rose Bowl and I’m a stud” Matt Rogers…that’s the appeal of RH boy…pure wholesome apple pie all american.

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