American Idol and The Mole II

I’m posting tonight so that I can post my initial thoughts about our two favorite reality tv shows. First up: American Idol. I know a lot of people are gonna be talkin’ about the argument between Simon and Randy at the beginning of the show. I partially think it was staged, but I also think Simon has a valid point in saying that two people were pushed forward to the finals on a sympathy vote. Mr. My Parents Are Deaf from two weeks ago didn’t deserve it, and nor did Backstreet Sync Town guy from last week. Who did deserve it? Miss Run-to-You definitely did. She was great.

So tonight my first pick is the last singer (Christina?). I love her voice and can totally envision her in a Broadway musical (and in some cases that’s a good thing, people). Ejay surprised me – I liked his song and since he was the wild-card alternate to replace the old guy who got booted for lying he got props despite coming in late. Kudos to him. The only other one I can think of is the chick in the blue outfit (Melanie?) – I think she sang “and you-and you-and you – you’re gonna love me.” Isn’t that what she sang? And don’t you love how I don’t bother to learn their names? It’s mainly because I still feel strongly that Justin is gonna win the whole thing. Although I really really liked Christina tonight. I’d buy her album before I’d buy Justin’s because I love her voice that much. Justin’s just…hot.

Now, moving on to The Mole – another one down. I had thought Katie was the Mole, and voila – she got booted. No surprise there – my picks usually do get booted. I’m the anti-odds. Just go opposite of whatever I say and you’re sure to win money. Last week I mentioned I thought Heather might be the Mole, and my friend LP brought up a good point – when she saw her fiancee the first thing she said was, “I’ve had no one to talk to,” which was reminiscent of Katherine’s near melt-down as the Mole last season. I mean, isn’t Heather supposed to have some massive alliance with Katie? Why can’t you talk to her. Maybe cuz you’re THE MOLE? Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be great if Darwin was the Mole – I don’t think he’s failed in any mission, has he? A mole who tries to win money – now THAT is a good Mole.

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  1. Justin HAS to win the show. I swear, he can make his eyes sparkle on demand, which makes me wonder if he might be Jesus… (Just kidding, Jesus… I’m only joking…)

  2. I agree with you about the argument; it seemed fakey and staged to me.

    What’s worse is that we all know that the main reason people tune into the show is to see what Simon will say. It creates tension and drama in the same way that seeing someone get voted off an island does. And that captivates people. So Simon was hired to be that guy — the guy we all love to hate. And hearing Paula Abdul rage that that is not the “American way” was ridiculously funny.

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