American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances!

I haven't posted about American Idol in a few weeks.  We're down to our final three.  Here are my thoughts!
Scotty McCreery
Scotty’s Song – Solid, but boring.  I don't even remember the name of the song he sang.  But it was a decent way to start.
Jimmy’s Song, "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" – Okay, so I don't like it when Scotty does the crazy eyes thing.  He did fine with this song until the VERY LAST PHRASE and then he did the crazy eye thing and it turned me off.  The crazy eye thing should only be done when singing a lyric that calls for it.  Not when you are asking someone to kiss ya.  However, I'm sure the tween voters were going nuts with this one.
Judges' Song, "She Believes In Me"  – Uh, judges, what were you thinking?  KENNY FREAKING ROGERS?  SERIOUSLY?  This is 2011, not 1978.  This song was bad then, and it's bad now.  Sure, Scotty's actual performance was fine, but the song was an AWFUL,AWFUL CHOICE. 
Lauren Alaina
Lauren’s Song, "Wild One" – She's a good singer, but this one was boring too.  As she sang, my thought was, "Boy, I bet James Durbin would have blown his song UP had he made it."  
Jimmy’s Song, "If I Die Young" – This was pretty good.  I'm not a big country music fan, but she sounded good.
Judges' Song, "I Hope You Dance" – This song is so overdone.  I'm ready for it to be retired.  Considering how good her second song was, I felt this was a tough one to end on.  I didn't get a sense of her having "a moment" on stage even though the judges clearly wanted her to have one. 
Haley Reinhart
Haley’s Song, "What Is and What Should Never Be" – A couple weeks ago I downloaded Haley's version of "House of the Rising Sun."  I also plan on downloading this cover as well.  Even with the fall up the stairs, she did a fantastic job.  Can't wait to buy that one tonight.
Jimmy’s Song, "Rhiannon" – Oh no.  This was awful.  She sounded tentative and it was a little to low in her range.  Add in a REALLY boring arrangement and this song had no energy whatsoever.  Loved the wind machine though – it cracked me up and I told Denis she needed way more scarves.
Judges' Song, "You Oughta Know" – Loved. It.  I love growly, aggressive Haley.  Sure, the verses were a mix, but those choruses were fantastic, just the judges said.
Favorites: Haley's first and third songs.
Going home:  I think Lauren.  I think Scotty has the country vote locked up, and Haley is going to sneak into the finale next week.  At least, that's my hope.  If it's Scotty and Lauren in the finale I won't watch it – that's way too much country for me.  The good news?  If it IS a Scotty/Lauren finale, then I know exactly when I'll be able to take a break and go get a drink during the concert this summer (I bought my ticket last week – it's a better seat than the tour I went to a couple years ago, but not as good as I hoped since I bought my ticket 4 hours after they went on sale versus 4 minutes).  And if Lauren magically wins the whole thing, then I'll be able to leave the concert early and beat traffic going home. *lol*

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  1. What happened to your loving Scotty and being convinced he had a lock on it long ago? I think it’s going to be a real contest for sure but my vote is for Scotty. He’s going to be a star.

  2. Don’t get me wrong – I still think Scotty will win. And I like him a lot (I downloaded his cover of “Gone”). What I didn’t like last night were the SONG CHOICES. If he makes it past elimination tonight, he’ll get my vote next week. But as I said, if he and Lauren are the final two, I won’t watch the finale because I can only take so much country music.

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