Ambitious Day Today

I had high hopes for today. I was going to:

1) Get up early and head to the grocery store to do some super-double coupon shopping while the store still had products on the shelves.
2) Plant 150 flower bulbs in my front yard so that I can have pretty flowers this spring.
3) Do laundry.
4) Vacuum the house.
5) Go out with the kids and let them ride their bikes (yes, even in this frigid weather – the poor boy has yet to ride the bike he got for Christmas).

Well, I can still do laundry and vacuum the house. And I can still take the kids out on their bikes. But grocery shopping? It’s almost noon – the shelves are undoubtedly empty by now. And flower bulb planted – well, I’m still hoping to do some of it, but I’m trying to think of the fastst/easiest way to do that. Can I just dig a single solitary trench all around my edging and dump in the bulbs? Would that be bad? *lol*

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