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Back on December 26th I ordered the “Freaks and Geeks” DVD set (I loved this series and was SO DISTRESSED when it was cancelled). Insteading of getting it directly from Amazon I opted to save a few bucks and got it from one of the Amazon Marketplace vendors. A few days after my order, I got an email from them saying, “We don’t actually have the DVD in stock – it’s backordered and we’ll ship it upon arrival.”

On January 11th I emailed them and said, “Wat up?” Yesterday I got a response that it was STILL on backorder with no idea when they’d receive it.

“Refund please!”

Today I got my refund. So today I went back to Amazon and did what I should have done in the first place: I bought it from Amazon, had the refund applied and ended up paying only $10 extra for the price difference. If I had done that in the first place I’d already have the DVDs at my house.

I miss that show – my favorite episode was “Beers, Steers and Weirs” when Bill gets drunk at a kegger. And if you know the song that the episode title is based on, then you rock beyond all belief and NEED to be my friend.

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