Am I That Naive?

Hey folks. Didn’t feel like writing today (sorry). But one of my bosses just came over to my desk wearing his glasses. This man is particularly vain and I called him four-eyes. He laughed and said, “Well, my contacts have been bothering me lately, so I’ll be going with these until the nuclear meltdown, which should be about Wednesday or so.” Then before I can respond he says, “But I’ve got my pills ready – did you get yours?”

Pills? Huh?

Then he reminds me that a bunch of paranoid bankers in my office have been stocking up on some pill that’s supposed to help your thyroid against anthrax or some chemical warfare stuff. He says, “Once they spread that stuff your thyroid is kaput. So don’t come crawling to my office when your skin starts peeling off.” With that he began laughing and walked back to his office.

First off, since when does “no thyroid = leprosy”?

Secondly, I realize that the anniversary of 9/11 is two days away, but if something happens, who am I to worry about it? Am I naive to think that whatever will be, will be, and I’ll address it when the time comes? Generally intelligent people in my office are stocking up on pills – I wonder if these same people built bombshelters behind their houses when New Year’s Eve 2000 came upon us as well.

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  1. I had heard about the pill for protecting the thyroid in case of radiation poisoning. To reassure you, no one in my office is taking any of these pills. You’d think, given our situation, that someone in my office would be downing them. Not a one that I’m aware of.

    I’m with you on the “what will be, will be” school of thought. I think maybe our military brattiness may have something to do with that laissez faire attitude. Listen, if anything were to happen at the courthouse here, I’d be one of the first killed or infected, or whatever. So I don’t think about it much.

    It’s pointless to worry. Worry changes nothing.

  2. Somewhat true…when you can take action. But most times it’s an irrational fear and no action is required.

    You can’t live your life from a base of fear. Bad things happen. That’s life. You just have to live day to day and not worry so much about what might happen tomorrow.

    Personally, I think the people in Jaynee’s office are a little paranoid in taking the pills. There haven’t been enough tests for long term effects of long term consumption of that drug or whatever. Those people may be causing some other health problem thinking they’re preventing something else that is completely determined by other people’s actions.


  3. Would you mind smuggling out some of those miracle pills? I’m rather attached to my flesh, my thyroid too. That I can frolic in a cloud of bio-nastiness is an added bonus!

    Your boss is a twit. You can tell him I said so to his granny glasses-clad face! He may or may not actually wear granny glasses, but it does make for an interesting visual. I am giggling just thinking about it 🙂

  4. Jaynee.. I agree with your non-worriesome attitude. I am constantly battling to have that in my own life. It shows you are letting go of what you can never have control of in the first place. Its letting the only One who has control have it–God. Its hard to comprehend, but He was and is still in control during and after 9/11. Its sort of comforting to think that we don’t have to let it weigh on our shoulders. Just my $.02.

  5. Wow, that has to be the most tasteless and yet paranoid reaction to 9/11 I’ve seen yet. Worry *is* pointless – I’d much rather take a doughnit than a thyroid pill!

  6. Donna, just bear in mind that my office is dead center of Rockefeller Center in NYC – our building is surrounded by the offices of NBC, Time Warner/AOL, Associated Press and various other corporate entities – all “worthy” targets in the mind of those opposed to the US. So a bit of mild paranoia is well within their rights. As for tasteless – well, that’s absolutely true.

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