Am I a “DUFF”?

So last night I watched “Average Joe”, a show that I love to watch – despite my only watching a few episodes. Last night the chick dressed up in a fat suit disguise and “interviewed” the four remaining men then listening in on their conversation to see what they said about the fat chick (it was supposed to be Hot Chick’s cousin).

Of course, like all men, they dissed her and spoke harshly about the fat cousin. At one point, Zach, one of the two remaining “Average” Joes, said, “If you’re in with the DUFF, then you’re in with the hot chick.”

What is a DUFF? It’s the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. When I was in school, we didn’t call them DUFFs, but my sister and I did comment once that one girl in her circle of friends in particular didn’t match with the “beauty queens” of the rest of the group (and by beauty queen I mean that literally – there was a girl who entered the Miss NC pageant (she came in second).

Then I thought about post-school, when I was a clubber. Did we have a duff in my group of pals? Not that I’m aware of…unless….I was the DUFF! It’s quite possible I was the DUFF, which meant little since back then I was still pretty good lookin’ since I was skinny and stuff. I may not have been a size TWO, but at size eight I was still reasonable, and took care of my appearance.

And now? Oh yeah, baby – I’m the DUFF. I’m nowhere near a size eight anymore, and all my friends are skinny petite rails. But you know what? Zach was right when he said if you’re nice to the DUFF you’re in with the hot chick.

But you know what else? DUFF’s aren’t stupid. They know when guys are just being nice to get the hot girl. And we’ll turn on you in an instant and tell the hot girl to avoid you like the plague. And she will, too.

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  1. I was definitely the DUFF in college. Actually, I think I’ve always been the DUFF. We’ve had that conversation – how I always end up with beautiful friends.

  2. I NEVER watch Average Joe, had never seen it before, but my visiting sister-in-law made me watch it. I was always the DUFF. And I knew it too! Milked it for all it’s worth: free drinks, rides home, etc. I knew I was fat, I knew the guys had no interest in me, just wanted to get to my friends. My friends knew it too and felt bad about it, but really, what could they do: put on weight?
    Men, in general, are morons. so we took advantage. Luckily for me, my friends never ended up with any of them. I guess they figures if they would treat me like that, they weren’t worth it.

  3. Jen – you weren’t the DUFF, and neither was Shell. I thought we both agreed that it was Cindy that was the DUFF in your group. And while she wasn’t big at all (she was quite petite), she still didn’t quite fit…

  4. I was the fattest of our group, no doubt. Although Cindy was the oddball. Really, my whole crew of college friends was a little weird when I think about it.

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