Almost a Month Into the New Job – And I’m Feeling Fine

Next week will mark Week 4 at the new job, and I can honestly say that I’m doing well. I haven’t royally messed up anything, and everyone seems to like me. Truth be told, the more I learn about the folks they historically had in place in the Executive Admin roles, the more I think that I could have walked in with HALF of my work ethic and be considered successful in their eyes. They had some pretty terrible admins. Shockingly terrible. It’s no surprise they got rid of them all and decided to start from scratch.

The job itself is not hard at all. There are many things that I now have “down pat” and don’t need to seek help on. There are others that I don’t quite know yet, and need to ask questions. But I’m definitely asking much less questions than I did that first week.

Everyone is great – especially one of the admins I work with. She is from NY (Long Island) and we became workplace BFFs very quickly. We joke around all day and just really seem to get each other. The other admin is very young, but still nice. She and I went to a notary public class together this week and it was interesting talking to her and getting her perspective on the company (she started just one month before I did), and getting a bit more of her history.

All in all, I’m very happy I took the job. I’ll definitely stretch in this role and that’s always fun and exciting. And I think long-term as I gain seniority (as in longevity working there, not promotionally (is that a word?)) and really show what I can do, I’ll earn some flexibility as well.

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