All Wrapped Up

I meant to post this earlier today but never got a chance. Last night Denis and I wrapped up all the Christmas gifts for friends and family. We brought down all the boxes to the dining room and pulled out the wrapping paper, ribbons and cards. Denis pulled out a box and started to cut the paper. Then I heard him say, “Who is this for? I wouldn’t mind having one of these.” I look over and he’s wrapping up one of his gifts from me! I was so ticked at myself for not being more careful about keeping his gifts upstairs. But he was quite thrilled with the gift, so that’s something.

I’ve been working tonight on a freelance project that is due on Friday. I was a bit upset when I was told TODAY about the Friday deadline, but the client is working to ensure that I won’t be up all hours of the night from now til then working on edits. I did three sections of the job tonight and will do more tomorrow – after I make meatballs and a chocolate eggnog pie, that is. Then I’ll do my final edits on Thursday after “Survivor” and turn in the final project to the printer on Friday.

In other good news today, the head honchos of my company called me into an office today and told me I was getting a modest raise and a nice year-end bonus. The numbers they quoted were unexpected and welcomed!

Well, I’m tired so I’m going to bed now – catch you on the flip side!

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  1. Technically, Maggie, according to my mother I’m not supposed to give out that recipe, although I have done an internet search and found one website that does have a modified version. But rather than give you the link, I’ll let you do the hunt yourself. =)

  2. Mom may relax that rule now that she knows it is freely available online. I dont’ know for sure, though. Grandma may have modified the recipe somehow and that’s why it’s “secret.”

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