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So the first two nights of American Idol 2 are over. Pretty entertaining, I must say. Not as entertaining as last year’s opening episodes, but still pretty good. Paula actually managed to insult a couple people, and Simon seemed a bit nicer this year. Is that my imagination? Is my head cold affecting my ability to see what a jerk he can be?

My favorite female singer was Frenchie Davis, from the first night’s episode. She was the large African-American women with the short bleach blond hair. She can sing, people. My favorite male is probably the same as everyone else’s: JD Adams. Sure he’s fine to look at, which helps, but I thought his audition was good but not great. But I agree with Simon – there’s something about him (despite being a descendent of Presidents) that makes you want to see him sing.

In other Reality TV news, Celebrity Mole was pretty funny last night. I still worship Kathy Griffin. During the Looky Looky pepper game I was laughing because I knew she knew every answer to the questions that Ahmad was asking the others. She must have been DYING to answer for them. She loves pop culture even more than I do! I was surprised by who got kicked off, since I had that person pegged as the Mole. I don’t mention the person’s name since my sister hasn’t seen the episode yet.

Lastly, in yet more Reality TV news (I know that’s the only reason most of you people come here – I’ve seen the Google searches), The Bachelorette was on last night. While I still don’t like Trista that much, I must say she’s got decent taste. I liked both Charlie and Ryan from the start of the series, and am happy to see them in the final four.

Let’s see – did I miss anything? Joe Millionaire? Nah, no point talking about that dude anymore – he’s on just about every rag sheet cover in NYC right now.

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  1. I will go on AIM so you can tell me who got booted on Mole. I like Ryan the best Charlie seems to think he’s got it all because he has money. Let’s not even talk about that Russell or Ross whatever his name is what a dirty word he is!

  2. i liked frenchie too! i was impressed at how her school had raised money to send her.

    i swore up and down that american idol was the one reality show that i could not fall prey to and now look at me! i am hooked!

  3. Thanks for not spoiling CM for me. It’s tops on my agenda for this evening’s viewing since everything is a repeat. *sigh*

    I agree that Simon seemed to be working at being nice. He was still brutally honest, but he was kinder about it. I think he did listen to people last season. Of course, things can change quickly.

  4. Sent you a longer email about celeb mole (which is still showing as “pending” *stupid Groupwise*) – I think Boatman is the Mole.

  5. My son was in chorus with JD Adams (and now with JD’s younger sister) and I can tell you first-hand that JD is an amazingly talented young man. He starred in most of the programs through jr.high and high school, did most of the solos and all the girls in school (and lots of the mom’s, too) had “crushes” on him. I’ve seen him perform during competitions, and despite the pressures of school and everything else, he was always gave top performances. He comes from a supportive, loving family and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if JD Adams becomes the next American Idol.

  6. J.d. Adams is so fine!! he is a very talented singer also. he is definitly going to be the next american idol and when he does i will buy every album he makes!!

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