All I Wanted Was Blue Eyes

So back in March I had an eye appointment to update my prescription in order colored contact lenses. It was a reward to myself for losing 25 pounds. I placed the order and was told they’d arrive in two weeks. Two weeks later I was told they were on a three-month backorder. They gave me a trial pair of lenses and told me to wait.

It’s now June and has been three months. I’ve called and asked where my lenses are and no one at Eye Drx wants to give me a straight answer.

So I went to Lens1st and ordered a pair on my own. I went to a few websites and they all claimed that my particular lenses (Durasoft Optifit 3 Toric Opaque) were 86% in stock. That’s a high number. So I ordered them. I mean, the trial lenses I got from Eye Drx had my prescription on it so I thought, “Why not?”

The waiting begins. Whichever lenses arrive first guarantee my faithfulness for all time. The other company can get lost.

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  1. OK, I don’t usually say I told you so but I will this time. This is what you get when you try and mess with perfection. You are already fantastic and the powers that be don’t want you to change. Can’t you take the hint?

    Have a nice day beautiful!

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