All Good Things…

Our recliner arrived today! YAY! It’s absolutely gorgeous and we definitely picked out the PERFECT fabric for it. We have tested it out and I can say without hesitation that it’s one of the most comfortable recliners EVER. Woo hoo!

Denis and I have been home all day working on party stuff for tomorrow. Dutch Anne left around noon to go into the city until tomorrow afternoon, and Denis and I got cracking on our prep work. We still have a lot to do – I have to make 3-4 more hors d’oeuvres dishes and a pie. I’m getting up early tomorrow to make the pie because it has to be refrigerated for a couple hours before the final touches. We’re slowly running out of refrigerator space!

In other news, I had my latest doctor’s appointment. My blood pressure remains normal, and The Kid’s heartbeat was 155 today. Last time it was in the 140s. So I’m still confident we’re having a Baby CootieGirl, even though we won’t know until The Kid’s Birthday.

We had six inches of snow yesterday – I won’t even go into my commute into work and then the return home a few hours later. Suffice to say I normally spend a total of two hours a day on the bus, but yesterday Anne and I spent five and a half hours. Can you say miserable?

All right, that’s it for tonight. Look for the next update to take place post-party (unless something truly exciting happens tomorrow). Cheers!

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