AI8: This Makes Me Want To Stop Watching

For years American Idol producers have twisted us into rooting for the ones they WANT to win. And that’s understandable – after all, they make money based on which contestant wins (and even when they don’t win, since they usually sign 2-3 of them every season anyway).

So it’s particularly distressing what is going on with Ricky Braddy. You’ll recall that last week I wrote about how the producers really did Ricky Braddy wrong by NOT featuring him at all this season even though he has an amazing voice. Producers deliberately, for whatever reason, decided not to show him AT ALL during the audition process until they told him he was in – and even then he only got 5 seconds if air time. It’s a travesty and they do it every. single. year.

But you want to know just how awful those people can be? Well, remember during the performance show that his parents were wearing shirts talking about “The Braddy Bunch?” Well, there’s a website that was started using the same name and they got a legal letter from Fremantle Media (who owns American Idol) telling them to cease and desist with their fansite.

According to Joe’s Place Blog, the letter claims that this website mention on the show (Ricky’s mom told Ryan about the website only after Ryan asked her about it in the first place) gives Ricky and unfair advantage over the other contestants.

I’ll let that soak in. And then I’ll let you know that ALL THE OTHER CONTESTANTS HAVE FAN WEBSITES. And to my knowledge, NONE OF THEM GOT CEASE AND DESIST LETTERS. And so how does Ricky Braddy have the unfair advantage with a website that his fans put together? Danny Gokey gets heavily featured in every episode and has multiple fan websites – but that’s not unfair?

It’s ridiculous that Ricky Braddy would get singled out this way, but I guess the producers realized they had a revolt on their hands with the way they treated this kid. But instead of doing the right thing and letting Braddy fans have a great website to support their also-ran (and hopefully still-will-run-as-a-wildcard), they try to squash them and get rid of them so that their precious Gokey can win.

I’ve got nothing against Danny Gokey – he’s a good guy, I feel bad that he lost his wife so young, and I think he’s a fine singer. But on Wednesday night? Ricky Braddy absolutely outsang him but because no one knew who he was, and everyone is on the Gokey train thanks to having it shoved down their collective throats by AI producers, Ricky didn’t have a chance.

I just think it’s ridiculous that Fremantle is now trying to put the squeeze on fans that are upset he got the ouster. So I’ll say this – if Ricky Braddy doesn’t make it into the wildcard slot in a couple weeks, I won’t be watching the show anymore. Because the best man WON’T win this season if Ricky Braddy isn’t in the Top 12. The 2nd best man will win – Danny Gokey.

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  1. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous what they are doing to ricky. IF ricky can work on his stage presence I think he has a chance of winning and it’s awful he has had no screen time and what they’ve done to his fan site. fYI they are still posting at I have had no contact from anyone unless it got filtered to my spam which is prob the proper place anyway. But if I have to make a guess it’s probably because I think the owners are friends/family. I know danny’s cousins’ site hasn’t been updated since top 36 was announced.

    As for danny…you know how I feel about him and I’ve felt that way since the third note he sand in his audition. Nothing to do with editing. And really danny is getting a bad rep because he is getting promoted SO much. As if it’s danny fault.

    In both cases the producers are at fault and I prob wouldn’t blame those that walk away but I know I prob couldn’t/wouldn’t.

  2. Hell froze over & Pigs flew…

    February 24th, 2009 by E-Squared

    Yes, your vision serves you right: is Coming Back!

    American Idol recently notified “Team Braddy” of The Braddy Bunch and gave them the approval necessary to put their site back UP!

    You’re probably thinking, “Wow, this is strange!” Well, you’re not alone. ”Team Braddy” is equally confused. A phone call was received from an American Idol attorney tonight giving them the go-ahead if certain measures were taken care of in making sure the website does not infringe upon any contractual obligations. Team Braddy is currently working hard to ensure the site does not violate any infringements.

    If you’re thinking The Braddy Bunch has pulled a fast one on you, you’re wrong!

    The email sent to The Braddy Bunch demanding the cease and desist order was accompanied by multiple phone conversations with an A.I. attorney. After attempting to stand their ground in defending their actions and innocence, it became clear, after Ricky’s removal from the competition was threatened, that the site needed to be shut down. It was a sad day when the site went down, but The Braddy Bunch tried their best to keep the Braddy momentum moving.

    In an effort to do so, The Braddy Bunch bandwagon shifted to this blog –!

    I appreciate all of Ricky’s fans who have stood behind him and The Braddy Bunch by visiting this site and commenting. As a previous contributing writer for I will continue to post articles and stories about Ricky, but will also keep up the posting here at MissingSquare.

    Thank you, fans of Ricky, for your patience and understanding of this matter.

    Hope to see you both here & there, at!


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