AI4: Maybe Too Much Credit

My friend Ace heard on the radio station about a website whose mission is to have Scott Savol win American Idol (profanity alert – it’s all OVER that website). Now, on the surface that’s really funny, but on the other hand I DO think someone like Bo Bice deserves to win. He’s talented, has good energy on stage, and is obviously in love with performing for large audiences.

You have to wonder if Scott has heard about this website since it has apparently been featured on radio/tv a lot. If I were him I’d be really offended that people voting for me were doing it strictly because I was the worst performer on the show.

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  1. I agree with ya in the fact that Scott is just as bad as Constantine, in my eye’s, much worse. I really believe that Constantine is really a rocker who really should take his talent into a different area besides rock, maybe light rock. Here is a link to his band and his singing from years past, so take a listen and see that he is just your average rock band playing the bar scenes, but he is much better than Scott, in my opinion.

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