AI4: I Can’t Say Thank You Enough

**spoilers aplenty**

Okay, so we ALL thought Scott was going home, didn’t we? C’mon – you knew it. And you over there – you knew it too.

So what on EARTH happened?

Hey listen, don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful that Constantine Maroulis got the boot (I put his real name down so that the folks searching could find him – tonight I’ve been getting tons of Bo Bice and Scott Savol searches and thought I’d toss old Constance Pheaux-Rocker a bone). He deserved the boot because he’s not a rocker, plays at being a rocker and at best is a David Cassidy wannabe, as proven by his “I Think I Love You” cover back in late March. But to get the boot tonight? That was a shocker – it should have been Scott Savol.

Not only should he have been in the bottom three, he should have LEFT TONIGHT. I just don’t know what America is thinking. Am I gonna have to start voting again this season to help set the record straight.


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  1. ok, I know you don’t like Constantine, but I was very disturbed to see him go home. I’ve become a huge fan of his.

  2. Joe couldn’t believe my shock when Constantine was voted off. I just couldn’t believe it! Have to agree with you about Scott. I don’t think he is awful – just not star material.

    Never did vote before but actually got through twice for Bo!

  3. WOOHOO… Finally Constantine is GONE! nah nah nah nah.. hey hey hey goodbye. I, unlike Paula Abdul, didn’t cry one little drop of a tear for him leaving. What is with that woman.. off her meds last night I guess.

    I shames me to think I used to adore this woman and run out to buy all her albums back in the late 80’s early 90’s… even more shameful that I saw her in concert. What a tool!

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