I’m finally able to write my views on last night’s live elimination round of American Idol 2. I’ve been busy today at work, so my apologies for not posting this sooner. First, I’m SO happy that Charles Grigsby made it to the next round! YAY! AMERICA CHOSE WISELY! Secondly, I’m surprised that Kimberly didn’t move forward, but as my husband said last night, “If she hadn’t been so catty in the previous round, she might have been voted on.” And he’s right. America doesn’t like blatantly rude people, even if they DO swear later that “we’re friends.” So, Julie DeMato, welcome to the next round!

Presuming they do three more rounds of 8, the last round will be for the two wildcard spots to make the even 10 semi-finalists. If they take 2 wildcards from each of the previous four live sings, then that means they’ll have another full show of singers for those two last spots. Methinks that Kimberly and JD Adams will get those spots (although Trenyce might slip in).

Next week features mostly folks we haven’t gotten to know that well, so it’s hard to make picks now. But I’ll go out on a limb and say that unless she forgets the words, Kimberly Locke is a sure thing for one of the two spots, and I think the second spot will be a toss-up between Clay “Image Be Damned” Aiken and Candice Coleman. Of course, this set of picks is worthless pending their actual performances. But based on scenes in previous episodes, that’s who I’d pick.

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  1. You know, I watched this dumb show last night ONLY to see JD Adams lose!!! But I do agree with Jen that he has GOT to lose that hat. What is up with the hat? I don’t get it.He has a nice voice and I turned it off before the girl sang.

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